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These links lead to Star Frontiers and related sites.
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HAZY FRONTIERS: SF info relating to our current game. Set-up and managed by my Ref. (Wayne)

FRONTIERS NEWS NETWORK: Great resource for adding more reality to your game.

SF RULES PAGE: Everything from the original rule books on-line.

PALALYRN CLUSTER:Maps, races, artifacts, all laid out before your eyes on one of the best sites I'v come across.

FRONTIER 3:Good info, good laughs.

GAME IN PROGRESS:Insite into a game in progress. Plus some good info.

TEMPLE OF LUNA: Nothing to do with SF, but please go check this place out. you'll love it.

GURPS: Steve Jackson Games.GURPS: Steve Jackson Games. GURPS stands for Generic Universal RolePlaying System, and that's exactly what it is: One set of rules that works for all genres. (We use GURPS for our current game)