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BASIC VERGON HISTORY (as best as I could put together)

The first thing you have to know is that the Vergon race does not even attempt to keep any type of history records. Most of what I have been able to put together is based upon legends, stories, and records obtained from the UPF.
The section Vergons Vs. CDC (Cassidine Development Corp.) was put together with the testomony from 2 of the surviving 8 members of the CDC security force, UPF records, and no input from the Vergons.

Federation Year 126 during the 3nd Sathar war. With a recent Sathar attack on the Prenglar system all spacers have been on high alert for anything out of the ordinary. A broadcast from a Streel Corp. contracted freighter leads a UPF patrol, beta-2, consisting of 2 assult scouts and one distroyer to investigate system 0047901 X-ray. The report was as followed "have intercepted what is believed to be a Sathar LWCB" (LightWave Communication Burst), STOP. "Exact origan unknown, but triangulation specs puts origan in system 0047901 X-ray." STOP. "No further info avaliable." STOP. END.

Patrol beta-2 enters System 0047901 X-ray (here on refered to as Ora~Mathas) with all scanners on full and weapons charged. Three days into the investigation another LWCB is detected coming from an area near the systems 7th planet. As the patrol approches the planet a Sathar destroyer is detected in orbit and the patrol prepairs to attack. Shortly before the attack is about to begin, a shuttle is detected leaving the planets surface causing the patrol commander (Captin Ben Foster) to believe there may be a base located on the surface. Because of the recent suprise attack on the Prenglar system it is also believed there may be many more Sathar ships in the area in the patrol retreats out of possable Sathar sensor range, but remains in the system to gather intellignece data.

After 9 more days in the system the second LWCB is de-coded and is as follows "severe damage to engines, life support failing, need assistance, please respond. SID#9949561-^'". With this new information Captain Foster decides to attack. With complete suprise on their side the Sathar ship was destroyed in less than 1 minute.

2 more day are spent in the system taking basic scans of the planets and computer generated mapping. Because of the lack of supplies, this information was not processed immediately, but turned over to UPF intelligence upon return to the Prenglar system.

  THE DISCOVERY: In Federation Year 135 (9 years later) a newly assigned intellagence officer finds the overlooked reports and system information from patrol Beta-2. After working on the information he discovers what appears to be some kind of energy source on the seventh planet in the Ora~Mathas System. His first thought is that the Sathar do indeed have a base on the planet and although the information is outdated it may still be active. After this information was passed up through the UPF chain of command it was decided, after months of debate, that a small fleet MUST enter the system to further investigate the possability of a Sathar base. weeks befor the fleet was to leave, the original Beta-2 patrol commanding officer, Ben Foster, was recalled from his job with the CDC to go along.

  SECOND CONTACT? Task Force Warren consisting of 1 Battleship, 4 destroyrers, 1 Assult Carrier w/8 fighters, and 7 Assult scouts jumps into the Ora~Mathas system, as close as safety allows, to the seventh planet (Goris). Unfortunatly for 1 UPF Assult scout, there were already 3 ships in orbit around Goris and before anything could be done it collided with one of the ships, destroying both and all onboard. Thankfully before the first shots begin, the two remaining ships were able to transmit their SID#'s identifying them as CDC owned exploration vessels.
The next transmission from the CDC vessels was the claim of ownership of the Planet and system. They also provided a Right Of Claim Contract signed 10 days before and asked that the fleet leave the system, there was no threat and the system had already been investigated.
For weeks the stand-off remained unchanged and over that period of time, ships from both side joined the stand-off. Both sides were now aware that there was life on the planets surface and that it was not of Sathar origin. As the UPF attempted to make contact with the Vergons (UPF designated name) the CDC sent down 2 shuttles to begin clearing a landing area.
A decision from the Council Of Worlds finally arrived giving the UPF complete control of the system, but also allowing the CDC five years of unlimited commerce if it could be established.

In an effort to take advantage of the 5 years granted to the CDC from the Council Of Worlds the CDC began establishing a small base on the planets surface. The CDC base was located mid-way down the western coastline and the total personel numbered close to 250, a 100 man security force and 150 employees of varying professions. Unfortunatly for the base personel the CDC never attempted to contact the Vergons because they considered the race primative. This mistake cost over 240 lives.

"It was just starting to get dark and our shuttle was locking down to take-off when the shit hit the fan." "The alarms started going off and security personel were running around everyplace." "One of them ran up to the suttle and began yelling at us to take off. When the pilot asked what was happening he told us that all the perimeter guards were missing." "That was close to 20 guards." SECURITY OFFICER KIZKI-ROMICK.
"Five minutes after the alarms began to sound they stopped almost as quickly as they started and everything began to calm down." "Than all of a sudden, what seemed like thousands of gun shots began to fill the air. All I had was a small pistol on me and as I began to run for cover an explosion cought me in the back and I blacked out. I don't know how long I was out, but when I woke the shuttle was gone and all around me were dead bodies. Not one person was even wonded, they were ALL DEAD."
"I didn't want to move, fearing that whoever attacked may still be around. All I could hear was the sounds of the night. I stayed there for hours until it finally began to get light and as I began to get up the nerve to move one of our shuttles was coming in for a landing. As security officers began spilling from the cargo bay door a second shuttle was touching down. The look of shock on the officers faces touched the deepest fear in me. I don't remember much more than that, because the next thing I knew is was in the Medical bay on one of our ships." COMMUNICATIONS ASSISTANT DOUG ROOT.

"This report will be blunt and straight to the point. The CDC built their landing sight on a Vergon Clans property. As is the Vergons way, this was met with swift action as they considered this an undeclared attack. Although there were no Vergon bodies found at the sight, the video surveillance that survived the battle shows dark outlines that meet the profile of a Vergon. The missing perimeter guards were all found dead, less than 100 meters from their posts. All of these bodies showed penatration marks, most likely a knife or sword, on or about the neck or shoulders. It is this officers belief that the CDC is 100% at fault, any and all penalties or sanctions should fall upon them and them alone."